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Black Jack

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Black Jack has many properties but coupled with a nice bodily effect, often described as relaxing. The strong pull of this strain may slow users down, but will not necessarily lead to immobilizing couchlock. The sense of physical relaxation can contribute to relief from chronic pain and can also be a remedy for insomnia. The mental effects of Black JackS are often describe as more psychedelic than cerebral. Visual distortions, strong time dilation, and a generally trippy sharpening of the senses may not be uncommon. Because of the possibility of couchlock and this strain’s other disorienting effects, it is good for evening or nighttime usage. As a social lubricant or an individual sleep aid.

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3 reviews for Black Jack

  1. Zachary

    I have recently tried this cookie and find it delivers all that was promised 👍

  2. Louie Arlo

    I’m currently using this strain and everything seems to check out. Recommend for a good nights sleep.

  3. Dylan Theo

    I highly recommend this strain to anxiety and RA patients… myself!!!

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